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Clinical Connections Launches New Website

We are excited to announce that over the weekend, we launched this new website. A lot of blood and sweat went into it’s creation, but we think the work was worthwhile. On this site, you can lookup what seminars we are running and make a booking online, complete with fully secure e-commerce payment facility.

All the seminars we offer, have a discount “early bird” price which offers a discount rate. So it pays to book early!

The “early bird” price for our next seminar is still available, so book now.

NeuroImpulse Protocol™ Seminars – Melbourne Spinal Basics 2023

Our seminars have been designed to put focus and a formal infrastructure to chiropractic diagnosis and treatment.

This first seminar is aimed at students and practitioners that want a introduction to NeuroImpulse Protocol™.

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