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Online Training for Chiropractors & Osteopaths?

Visual learning is not kinesthetic

Experienced chiropractors and osteopaths understand that “telehealth” is an inappropriate alternative to an in-person consultation with physical interaction. Trying to provide treatment online is simply not the right approach.

It’s also not surprising that certain technical skills, such as ice climbing, chiropractic, osteopathy, martial arts, skiing, etc., cannot be adequately taught online. These skills require kinesthetic development, not just visual learning.

For chiropractors and osteopaths, it’s especially crucial to manage patients kinesthetically. They must not only comprehend the extent of contact required for treatment, which can vary from feather-light touch to full-body thrust, but also have a sense of placement by touch since every patient’s body composition and configuration is unique. Furthermore, most issues are not visible and individuals are built differently.

At Clinical Connections, we recognize the importance of hands-on training in advanced chiropractic techniques. We believe that theory must be supported with practical workshops and demonstrations to develop kinesthetic memory and a complete understanding of when, where, and how to apply techniques.

Our seminars are geared towards helping students improve both mentally and physically. Once you begin practicing these skills on actual patients and confront real problems, we continue to support you with teaching resources that enhance your kinesthetic memory of the principles.

We are currently expanding our services to include one-on-one video sessions, online teaching rooms with Q&A sessions, and various printed materials to supplement your clinic.

Tracey Lademann
Clinical Connections

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