Dr Pat McPhie


Bachelor of Chiropractic Science
Master of Chiropractic


Since Seeing NIP in 2005 at the first NIP seminar I knew that is what I wanted to pursue in practice. An ability to know exactly where and when to make an adjustment and see rapid, measurable changes pre and post adjustment.

I quickly gained a passion for NIP and have solely used NIP in practice for the past 16 years. Having been lucky enough to work along side Neil Davies in the development of NIP and to be part of the international teaching team for NIP I hope to pass on the skills required to Master NIP to those who are willing. 

Face to face seminars give me the opportunity to accelerate the learning of NIP and simplify difficult concepts that students may encounter. Seminars are also an invaluable tool to getting the hands on application of the technique correct and avoiding common mistakes that can slow progress and jeopardise results. 

I look forward to an expansion of the NIP family of practitioners.