Dr Victor Portelli


Bachelor Appl. Sci. (Human Biology)
Bachelor Appl. Sci. (Chiro)
Diploma of Acupuncture
Diplomate of Applied Kinesiology
Diplomate and Founder of Organ Biomechanics
Certified Teaching Diplomate of Applied Kinesiology


Dr. Victor Portelli is a highly respected chiropractor, lecturer, and founder of Organ Biomechanics.

With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Portelli is a distinguished figure in the chiropractic community. He is particularly renowned for his pioneering work in developing Visceral (Organ) Biomechanics, a unique technique that has earned him a reputation among fellow chiropractors as a trusted authority on complex cases.

Dr. Portelli’s expertise in chiropractic and applied kinesiology is widely recognized, and he has taught his clinic practitioners to the highest standard of practice. His contributions to the field of chiropractic have been substantial, inspiring 48 of his patients to pursue careers in the profession.